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Driving test cancellations.

Get your driving licence and on the road as fast as possible with Fox Driving Test Cancellations!

Our dedicated software continuously checks for driving test cancellations 24/7, ensuring you can find an earlier driving test!

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Why choose Fox Driving test cancellations


Our driving test cancellation service guarantees the lowest price in the UK!


Our unique software checks the DVSA booking system every 30 seconds.


Choose up to five preferred driving test centres from more than 300 options!


If you fail, you can use our service to find a driving test cancellation again at no extra cost!


If we’re not able to find you a driving test cancellation, then we’ll give you a full refund!

Getting started

Important: Please note that you must already have an existing driving test booked in order to use our test cancellations service. We can only rearrange current driving test to a date and time that suits you, we cannot reserve or sell prebooked tests.

Step 1

Book your driving test


The first thing that you need to do is book your driving test with the DVSA. The test centre and date do not matter. We will help you find an earlier test slot.

Step 2

Complete your registration form


Then, you will then need to complete our registration form. We’ll just need your driving licence number and either your booking reference number or theory test certification number. You MUST already have an existing driving test booking

Step 3

Wait for cancellations


Our unique system continuously searches the DVLA booking site for cancellations, and we won’t stop until you get the location, day and time that you want! When we find a cancellation, you will be notified via SMS and email.

How it Works


Finding a driving test cancellation on a day and time most convenient to you can be tough. That is why our mission is to help you find the perfect test slot. New earlier test dates often become available due to cancellations, allowing you to bring your test date forward.


These test cancellations can appear at any time, which is why our unique system will continuously monitor the DVSA booking system. As soon as one becomes available that meets the preferences you have set, we will notify you. Our special software is able to identify test cancellations within seconds, giving you a very high chance of finding an earlier test. Once we find one, we will send you a message with the date, time and location and a link to confirm the changes and book your new test!


In order for our system to work, all you need to do is have an existing driving test booked. We can take care of the rest!


Do I need to have a driving test booked already before signing up?

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Yes, you do. In order for our software to monitor the site and search for an earlier test cancellation, you need to have already booked one via the DVSA site. You will then need to supply your test reference number or theory pass number when you sign up for our site. You can book it on this website

What should I do if my test centre has no dates available?

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When first booking your test, you can sign up to any centre that has availability. We can then help you find a driving test at another location that suits you. We suggest that when booking your initial test, you choose one that is at least three months away as this will ensure we have enough time to find you a test cancellation.

How do I book a cancelled test?

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When we find a driving test cancellation that matches your criteria, we will send you a text message with the date, time and location. If that works for you, simply click the link in the message and confirm your booking.

What is the autobook feature?

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The autobook feature ensures you will never miss a cancellation! When you select this, it will book the first test that matches your preferences without you needing to accept a date. If you have flexibility with your dates, this is the best way to get an earlier test.

How long will it take to find a cancellation?

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With most driving test centres being fully booked for up to six months in advance, it is hard to confirm when exactly a cancellation will come available. You can see average waiting times for each driving test center here. However, our system is continuously monitoring the DVSA’s website and will alert you as soon as cancellations become available. Some customers have been able to get a driving test cancellation almost immediately after signing up, while others might need to wait several weeks.

You can let us know your preferred centre, or to maximise your chances of an earlier test you can select a broader range of dates and multiple centres.

How many times can I change my driving test?

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Currently, the DVSA has a limit of six changes. Once you have reached this limit, you then need to cancel and rebook your test.

Can you help me with an extended driving test?

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As the extended driving test is longer than a regular one, these tests cannot be searched for using the DVSA online system. That means we are unfortunately not able to use our software, and you will need to liaise directly with the DVSA.

How many dates will you send me?

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Our software works round the clock, and we will continue searching for driving test cancellations for you until no further changes can be made (three full working days before your test). There is no limit on the number of tests we’ll send you, so let us know when you have accepted a new test, and we’ll stop sending you cancellations.

What happens if I don’t accept a date?

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If any of the cancellations do not work for you, then you are under no obligation to accept a date offered. We will continue to search for a cancellation that works!

Can I use this service in Northern Ireland?

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Unfortunately, our driving test cancellations service is able to support the DVSA service that covers tests in England, Scotland and Wales.

What information is needed to find a cancellation?

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In order to find you the earliest cancellation, we just need your booking reference or theory test certification and your driving licence number.

Why do some texts say that this test cannot be cancelled?

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The DVSA do not allow any tests to be amended within three working days of the date. If you accept a date that is offered within that timeframe, then it cannot be cancelled, so please check the dates carefully when booking.

What happens if I fail my test?

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Our service will cover you no matter how many attempts you take! If you fail, simply rebook your test and provide us with your new reference, and we’ll start the search for you again. Please note, that currently the DVSA does not allow you to take your test within ten days of being unsuccessful.

What happens if I cancel my test?

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In order for our system to work, you need to have a future test date booked. If you have to cancel your test, then our service will stop until you have provided us with a new test reference number.

What happens if you don’t find me a driving test?

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We will try our hardest to find you an earlier booking, but finding cancellations is unpredictable. That is why we have a 30-day refund policy that will provide you with a full refund should we not be able to find you any earlier dates within that timeframe.

Can I use other apps too?

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We do not advise that you use multiple services as the DVSA does not allow more than one user to log in at the same time. Using multiple providers will terminate our searches and prevent you from finding the earliest test.

Can I change my mind and get a refund?

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Unfortunately not. By signing up for our service, you are giving your express consent for the service to start immediately, waiving the right to cancel. The Consumer Contracts Regulations are also not eligible for this service.

How do I enter my instructor’s code, so they are not double booked?

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This information should be entered when booking with the DVSA, as they will ensure that you are not offered any dates or times when your instructor is booked. You should always double-check with your instructor when booking a cancellation, though, in case they are busy for other reasons.

Are you associated with the DVSA?

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No, we are not affiliated with the DVSA. You can change your driving test date yourself via the DVSA website.

What happens if I want to cancel my order?

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We want our customers to be happy, but if you would like to cancel your test then email our team using sales@foxdrivingtestcancellations.co.uk.